More control and customization of all points of sale

Offer unique shopping experiences and stand out from the competition.
Automate processes with fully configurable software, which not only allows the integration of all points of sale in real time, but also guarantees complete management, from physical and virtual sales control to stock management .

Logistics and Distribution Solution


Point of sale with easy customization, control, and adapted to keyboard and touch screens.

Backoffice management


Management of the backoffice of stores with the possibility of integrating stores/headquarters.

B2C e-Commerce

Online store with ready-to-use templates, secure payment methods and real-time stock management.

What can you gain from this solution

Full control of the various points of sale

Control over cash management, store and employee performance, documentation, communication between stores, analysis and statistics, stocks, management of suspended documents (public or private), promotions and discounts. That is, total control of the business, whether it is a chain of branches or a single point of sale.

Global stock management or by store

Global and specific view of the physical layout of items in the warehouse for better supply, and management of more appropriate stock inputs and outputs - FIFO, FEFO and LIFO. Complete construction of the path of an order – from the registration of material, through the generation of lists of goods expected on arrival, to the creation of receipt guides and storage lists.

Online store creation in minutes

Possibility of creating an online store with simple and customizable configuration, and fully integrated for complete automation of processes – from stock management, through online ordering, to product dispatch. Availability of pre-configured templates to create an online point of sale in just a few minutes.

Complete and personalized management of retail trade

Verification of the designation, units and sales price of products, by reading the barcode.

Monitor for viewing the state of the sales terminals, with information on the monetary value of each box, who is responsible or the existence of suspended documents.

Configuration of any type of promotion and personalized definition of the respective conditions and commercial parameters.

Possibility of using digital payment methods such as Wallet (SEQr) or MB Way.
Electronic communication of TaxFree purchase data to AT for greater speed and productivity.

Dashboards and detailed performance analysis in real time for reliable forecasts about each store.

Flexible access parameterization with different access levels per user.

More control for more profitable sales operations

Multi POS solution

Multiple sales terminals synchronized and operated simultaneously, with sales control for each one.

Integration of processes and documents

Online integration of deposit slips and bleeding treatment, billing documents, receipts and advances from customers and suppliers.

Points of sale complete

Points of sale with all the functionalities necessary for the front-of-store operation, online or physical.

Complete customization of operations

Customizable system for easy adaptation to the unique reality of each organization.

Integration with the ERP Solution


Management and financial control of the company integrated with points of sale and online store.

Customizable front-end

Personalization of screens and buttons for total adaptation on a touch screen or keyboard and on the e-commerce platform.

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