Management and optimization of manufacturing processes

Whatever the type of industry – from metalworking to textiles, plastics, furniture or construction materials –, the Industry and Production Solution, endowed with a high adaptability, parameterization and interconnection capacity, is the tool that you need to create products of the highest quality, at the lowest cost.

Industry and Production Solution


Management solution integrated with the financial area and BPM for process and workflow automation.


Total management and operation for production units and manufacturing industry.


What can you gain from this solution?

Cost management and optimization of work centers and other resources

The entire factory or assembly line process is customized and integrated to optimize daily operation. Total cost control and management to maximize investment in the production line.

Optimization of supply with just-in-time stock management

Total control of stock needs for production, reducing waste and maximizing warehouse efficiency.

Bottleneck control by resource planning and up-to-date stock forecasting

Complete management of production capacity for total optimization of resources, efficient and accurate production forecasts and delivery capacity.

Global control of the general production plan

Definition of operations, production times, dispersion times between two operations and/or overlapping coefficients between operations and components.

Touch screen terminals for the factory floor, for a quick and intuitive record of operating times, stops that have occurred, quantities manufactured, among other values.

MRP module (Material Requirements Planning) designed to allow an effective and controlled management of stocks and productive resources, enabling an effective assessment of purchase and manufacturing needs for a given period, according to different criteria.

Integration with the ERP Solution (composed of Management, BPM, Accounting and Fixed Assets modules) for manufacturing, consumption, subcontracting and orders files.

Based on the data entered in the work diaries, the possibility of monitoring the evolution of useful indicators such as the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), the quality, availability and performance index, in simple and appealing graphics.

Introduction of measurements by item/chapter, with control of work in progress, recording of more or less work carried out and issuing the respective billing automatically.

More efficiency at all stages of the manufacturing process

Standard solution for various industries

Standard procedural system for production management, namely for the manufacturing, metalworking and metallurgy industries.

Set of added value extensions

For example, quality control, budgets, maintenance, packing-list and product configurator.

Module for the textile area

Indispensable for companies in the clothing and footwear sector that need to use color and size grids

Tailor-made programming

Executive range with framework, which allows extension of capabilities, customization and programming, for adaptation to the specific needs of the company and integration with other solutions.< /p>

Fully customizable operation

Configuration of different types of sequence and overlapping operations, applicable in particular for mass, continuous or batch production.

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