More efficient occupation of warehouses and distribution lines

Move your storage and distribution processes with an integrated system in real time, with tools that monitor all areas and automate each order. Eliminate errors and unpredictability in the reception, inventory and dispatch of items and maximize warehouse capacity for greater competitiveness and cost reduction.

Logistics and Distribution Solution


Warehouse management and allocation of goods for total control and profitability, from receipt to shipment of items.

What can you gain from this solution

Decrease in warehouse costs

Optimization of space available in the warehouse. Monitored stocks not only allow for faster shipping, but also reduce operating costs. Automated processes and a clear view of warehouse capacity lead to better management and efficiency of allocated human and material resources, from items, vehicles, to forklifts.

Better provisioning

Global and specific view of the physical layout of items in the warehouse for better supply, and management of more appropriate stock inputs and outputs - FIFO, FEFO and LIFO. Complete construction of the path of an order – from the registration of material, through the generation of lists of goods expected on arrival, to the creation of receipt guides and storage lists.

Automation of the shipping process

From ordering, to picking, passing through the issuance of transport documents, to the issuance of invoices, everything is automated and perfectly integrated, eliminating repetitive tasks, such as inserting documents, and increasing the operational performance of the teams.

Complete and effective management of the logistics chain

Possibility to define aisles, shelves, alveoli, racks and warehouse areas, for an immediate graphical view of where to store and find each item. The zones can be configured to the exact measure of the needs of each business.

The alveolus, an integral part of the warehouse areas where goods are stored, shows the exact location of each item. Possibility of defining different alveolus parameterizations, such as capacity, references or priorities, for automatic indication of the best alveolus at stock outputs and inputs.

Graphic visualization of the contents in the warehouse, for simple and quick consultation of the occupancy rate of the cells in each zone, and obtaining an extract of movements of the respective cell. Possibility of observing the different levels of the alveoli by color, indicative of the state of their stocking.

Simplicity in the creation of internal dossiers to output material automatically, minimizing human error in operations and ensuring compliance with all delivery deadlines

Management of drivers and goods transport vehicles for an easy and complete organization of the expedition.

Introduction of measurements by item/chapter, with control of work in progress, recording of more or less work carried out and issuing the respective billing automatically.

More profitability and efficiency in each process

Incoming and outgoing stock circuit

Complete control of operations and documents, from ordering to the supplier, to shipment to the customer.

Simplified warehouse management

Set of features created for effective and intuitive management, with a focus on monetizing storage capacity.

Customization complete operations

Customizable system for easy adaptation to the unique reality of each organization.

Order tracking

Full traceability of the order and respective items, with all the information available at any time.

Cost management of warehouses

Metrics and statistics for a precise analysis of where and to what extent to act to monetize operations.

Access control by user

Possibility of easily configuring the access of different users to the various functionalities of the software.

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